"Global Artists Debut Concert"

June, 10 2021 


 Tampa, Florida USA


Only Carnegie Hall concert  participants who have received personal invitations can take part in the concert in Florida.

It is necessary to fill out an application and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including: First name, Last name, Program till March, 15 2021.

Registration fee:

Soloists - $280; 

Ensembles 2 people - $230 per per participant

Ensembles from 3 people - $180 per participant


In addition (optional) you can pay for a package tour from June 09 to June 12, 2021, which includes:

- air tickets New-York-Tampa-New York

- hotel in the center of Clearwater, 50 meters from the beach

- transfer airport-hotel-airport

- transfer hotel-concert hall-hotel

Price per person:

5 people in the Suite room - $498 per person

4 people in the Suite room - $545 per person

3 people in the Suite room - $582 per person

2 people in the Suite room - $695 per person

Suite room includes 2 beds, folding sofa, mini-kitchen.

The price is calculated on a Promo air tariff and is valid as long as is available a Promo tariff.

Upon your request, we can calculate more or less nights.

15  12

17 18


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